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Making Of A Yogi 2018 – The Sages Of The Lamp

November 13, 2018

$2690 – $3490

THE ESOTERIC DESERT PATH OF THE JAINS, OR JINIS – THE SAGES OF THE LAMPTake This Rare Opportunity to Light Your Lamp and Become a Jini.Yogi Amandeep leads yatras to places not ordinarily accessible to the public. Under his guidance, esoteric, powerful and secret teachings emerge into revelation. He is an authority on yogic history and science and openly shares his deep, yet practical wisdom along the journey. He opens a mystical space, offering the possibility of a unique and profound spiritual experience.

THE SHAMANIC PATHThe Shamanic path is the oldest on the planet. But did you know that this word, Shamanic, is derived from even an older tradition that flourished in the most sacred deserts on the planet?

Thar Desert.The root of this word is Shamayik, which means inner search.A journey of consciousnessthat involves stopping all outer work and diving into self search.

This is the oldest tradition on the planet today, known as Jain Dharma;the word Jini is derived from Jain; which means the one who has lit his or her lamp. Jinis are the sages of the lamp, the light. The word Dharma means to be in flowwith totality to sustain harmony in the world. From the esoteric yogic calendars perspective, this tradition is the mother of every tradition that has ever walked on the planet. Bliss treasure and gifts, such as the theory of “Law of Karma” and Ahimsa, non-violence toward trees, animals, and humans to the sacred architecture and metaphysical sciences of sacred sound, were revealed to humanity through the Jain Yogis.

Every spiritual seeker on the planet is indebted to these master yogis. So,our Yatra to Rajasthan is your opportunity to deepen your connection to these ancestors. We will not just visit the sacred spaces but merge our gratitude with the spirit that has been activated by the Ancients in the sacred desert of Thar.

Science of Portals – Sacred Stargates of Consciousness

This tradition also gave us the science of creating sacred vortex energy centres, physical portals that can alter one’s consciousness just by being there.

The Jains were the great Jinis who gave humanity the art of creating sacred vortex points, known as Tirathas. The spiritual engineers of these energy centres were known as Tirthankaras; the masters of sacred space. The first sage wasRisabhDeva. Risabh Deva was the father of all mystical architects; the science he taught was applied to the sacred pyramids of Egypt.

The vortexes were meant to conserve special kinds of vibes and energies particularly conducive to inspiring seekers in their spiritual growth. Being the sages of sacred fire and light, they dwelled in deserts and dry mountains because of the intense heat.

In their experiments, they chose spaces open to the scorching sun, with the least possible vegetation and with no water. Desert was used to cater to this experience.The Desert was also chosen for the pyramids in Egypt for the same reason. Special sadhanas of the heat and fire need the desert; to create the psychic heat,outer heat was needed. In the pyramids, the dead bodies of special people were preserved to enhance the energy that was activated in their bodies fromperforming these intensive sadhanas.

The whole principle of dryness has to be understood properly to understand the Jain science. All of their austerities are to arouse the inner fire, and if the connection with water is completely broken this is a way to keep the fire burning.

Inside us there is a balance of all the elements: if you want to go on a spiritual journey through one of the elements, the balance will have to be broken by dropping the use of the opposite element that balances it. So if you concentrate on the fire element, water will become inimical to your work, because the less water in the body, the better the fire will burn within.

The meditation methods these sages worked with created alchemical changes thatwere connected to the fire element of the body. On this Yatra, you will experience these meditations with Yogi Amandeep to change your inner alchemy. You will spend a day with sacred fire – to ignite your spiritual light. You will experience asacred and secret Desert Burial Meditation. Also,you will explore Esoteric Kundalini practices given to us from the Sages of the Lamp.Come along if you are eager to visitHidden Portals that were once occupied and blessed by the Desert Sages. These sacred Portals were a means to establish contact with the unknown universe. A very deep and intense experiment was made by the Jain Tirthankaras.

In Ancient Times, sages acknowledged that if so many souls of high consciousness methodically left their body from the same geographical place, a path between that place and another plane could be laid. Conscious attempts have been made to create roadwaysto higher consciousness, fields charged with human consciousness that reaches cosmic consciousness.

Of the 24 original Jain Tirthankaras, 22 of them—when it was their time—were able to travel to one location, enter samadhi, and leave their physical bodies to consciously merge with the Divine at the same physical location (at different times). This created a highly charged field of consciousness. It was intended that whomsoever shall sit in that physical location, chant special mantras given by those Tirthankaras, he or she will be able toimmediately enter into a journey that is a spiritually rich out-of-the-body experience. This was these Tirthankaras’ scientific experiment, and they carried it out with the same seriousness and methodical attention as would any scientist in a modern-day laboratory. With this same approach, the Temple of Brahma in Pushkar — the one and only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma, the creative deity in Vedic Tradition — was established. The energy in this space awakens the creativity in an individual; it opens all possibility and potential that an individual is born with. A visit to the temple of Lord Brahma can open the flow of destiny.

From this Temple, thousands of people have traveled into the unknown and have created a path. It is as if they have made a path by cutting down obstacles and removing the blocks and barricadesin their path to creativity. They remove so many blocks that even those who are walk with and behind them find it easier to travel. In these vortexes, the currents are flowing from the body towards the soul. The whole atmosphere is charged by those people who have achieved samadhi here and those people who have realized their enlightenment here. Such a place has become charged with bliss consciousness and illuminated awareness.

Join Yogi Amandeep as he shares the esoteric secrets about these Vortex centres engineered by the awaken ones.

JAIN – TIRTHANKARAS (SPIRITUAL ENGINEERS)The Jaina word Tirthankarameans Spiritual engineer, one who holds the science ofTirtha, orSpiritual Portal. A person can only be called a Tirthankara if he has manifesteda stargate,Spiritual Portal into which ordinary people can enter, open themselves up, and begin their inner cosmic search.

Jain Tradition did not believe in a god, it believes in man’s potential, one must walk his/her own path.

But then there are two ways in which he cantravel.On the first, every man has to travel in his own boat, with the strength of his own hands, using the oars. One out of many may succeed. But on the second path you can take the help of the winds and open up your sails so that you can travel faster and more easily.

The whole purpose of the Tiraths is to take the help of the “spiritual winds.”

Great care has to be taken so that those precise portallocations do not shift, not even by an inch, from where the spiritually charged event had happened in the past.

Mira – The Female Sage of the Desert

Mira is a rare soul that appeared in the sacred desert around the 16th Century. Born as a princess,she was married to the king of Mewar.

She was deeply in love with Lord Krishna and ran away from home to dedicate her life to serving Lord Krishna. Mira, the intoxicated female sage of the desert, lived each breath as a devotee of Krishna and personified the idol of Krishna in the temple. She would dance with him, lost in the intoxication of devotion.

According to a popular legend, her in-laws tried many times to execute her—they such sneaky things as send Mira a glass of poison and tell her it was nectar. Or, they sent her a basket with a snake hidden inside of flowers.

According to the Bhakti Traditions, Mira was not harmed in either case. In the story of the snake, it is said that when Mira received the basket, the snake miraculously transformed into a garland of flowers.

In the year 1547, the Female Desert sage miraculously disappeared by merging into an idol of Krishna.

Her body was nowhere to be found. She dissolved her rainbow body into the idol of Lord Krishna. She achieved the “rainbow body,” the release of the physical body in the essence of the five elements. This is one of the highest spiritual attainments.

Her essence still dances in ecstasy in that temple, where she spent her life singing and meditating. On this Yatra, we will enjoy the rare opportunity to be in this same space, to sense Mira’s devotion and ecstasy.

We will experience dance and sacred kirtan with famous Rajasthani musicians, thisis sure to touch and reawaken your heart, a rare opportunity to awaken your devotion and ecstasy.

IKLINGJISHIVA – THE TIMELESS ONEWe will visit to Ik Ling Ji Shrine, a sacred site dedicated to Shiva. This shrine, according to yogic time, has been existing since SatYuga: Golden Age.

Shiva – the primal teacher of humanity and the first yogi visited this site and now energetically dwells in the Shivalingam established to commemorate his visit from the Himalayas.

Linga is a universal symbol for Ultimate Reality, a visible expression of the invisible. The metaphysics surrounding the linga finds its expression in Vedic and tantric texts, specifically in the schools of Srividya and Shaivism, which tell us that the linga is the highest reality, the source and locus of the manifest universe. This is the primal bindu; from which All That Is exploded into being. The Linga is seen as hub of the universe, from which the created world emerges and to which it eventually returns.

One-fourth of the linga is submerged; the rest rises above the yoni, indicating that only a fraction of the Divine Light has become manifested.

The inner meaning of the Shivalinga is that there is an un-manifest male principle which is static consciousness, and an un-manifest female energy which is the creative force. When these two un-manifest forces embrace with a harmonious intent, the universe evolves in its manifest form. In symbolic terms, Linga and Yoni are the cosmic equivalent of pro-creation, the primordial principle of love.

Iklingaji – Space of Wish-fulfilling Cow

The Wish-fulfilling Cow,Kamdhenu,resided here in the Golden Age.
A heavenly breed of cows that now have became extinct.
Her presence, according to Vastu Sastra — the Yogic Feng Shui —
she opens all paths of prosperity. In her body, she holds the 5 elements
in perfect balance and her milk is said to be the Ambrosial Nectar.
This milk is the secret to the long life of ancient yogic sages.
On this Yatra, we will join as seekers who have come to open the
space to the sacred wish-fulfilling cow to manifest every wish.
A special cow ceremony will be held in veneration to Kamdhenu.

SUFIS – THE DESERT DWELLERSA sufi is the one who keeps pace with his feet. A Sufi is a wanderer, a Sufi is universal. A Sufi belongs to the whole world and the whole world belongs to the Sufi. All is his, and he uses all situations to transcend.

The Sufi path was planted in the sacred deserts of Arabia; but it bloomed in the sacred deserts of India.

The Sufi is not interested in god; for the Sufi, God is a heartbeat. God cannot be known through reasoning: God can only be felt through the heart because God is a heartbeat of the whole.

You will have to find a synchronicity with the heartbeat of God within. You will have to fall in rhythm. You will have to attain to a kind of harmony. Sufis are so mad about music, singing, chanting, dancing. Not reasoning, but dancing – because only in dance do you start falling with the heartbeat of the whole. Only in dance does the moment of grace arrive when you are not and only God is. Only in dance does the separation between the mind and the body disappear – and you are one whole, one piece, all together, no more fragmentary, absolute connection with all.

With Yogi Amandeep, enter in the Bazaar of Intoxication. We will learn the sacred and secret teachings of the Desert Dancers.

Sufi whirling, is one of the most ancient techniques, one of the most forceful. It is so deep that even a single experience can make you totally different. You have to whirl with open eyes, just like small children go on twirling, as if your inner being has become a center and your whole body has become like a wheel, moving- a potter’s wheel, moving. You are in the center, but the whole body is moving.

Whirling gives intoxication to the body. It is a chemical thing, it gives you intoxication, to be exact. That’s why sometimes you may feel giddy just like a drunkard. What is happening to the drunkard? Hidden behind your ears is a sixth sense, the sense of balance. When you take any drink, any alcoholic thing, any intoxicating drug, it goes directly to the center of balance in the ear and disturbs it. That’s why a drunkard cannot walk, feels dizzy. The same happens in whirling.

If you whirl, really, the effect will be the same: you will feel intoxicated, drunk. But you can enjoy this drunkenness as worthy of your true self. This being in a drunken state is what Sufis have been calling ecstasy, masti. Sufi is the path to being Mast, from which the English word mystic comes.

Let’s all visit the mecca of the Sufis, Ajmer Sharif, dedicated to Moinuddin Chisti, a 12th Century Sufi mystic. This experience will chance you energetically and also start shifting the chemicals in your body. You too will be able to enjoy the world of the drunkards and those who have intoxicated themselves with divine love.

When someone asked Moinuddin Chisti,”How do I learn about love?” In ecstasy, he replied, “Be with lovers!”

This is an invitation to be with the lovers who have paved the way to inner shrines. This is a rare opportunity to travel with a yogi, a mystic, who through his wisdom opens space in which any one who is a seeker can bloom.

Come be with desert dwellers and learn the dance of love.


Rajasthan is a travel destination in northwestern India known for its rich mystical charm, its graceful art, and devotional architecture. The music, the centuries old Jain temples, and the Camel Fair attract visitors seeking spiritual inspiration.

Here, the mysteries of the Himalayas meet the dynamic cultures of the desert. Yogi Amandeep welcomes you to travel with him and many other seekers and be filled with wonder.

The journey starts with the Pushkar camel fair and ends at Udaipur.


November 13, 2018
$2690 – $3490
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