Payment Options | KRI Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Salt Lake City, Utah

To complete your registration, please pay the $700 (non-refundable) deposit below via Debit/Credit Card, or call 801-450-3732 if you want to pay another way like venmo, cash or check.

Q: How do the payment plans work?

A: There is a $200 finance charge for the payment plan. The total paid in full before the early registration date is $3000, if paid in full by the start date the cost is $3100, with the payment plan the cost is $3200. We have a contract for payment plans, we can work out a schedule with you. We have a form to take your credit card information and payments will automatically come off the credit card you provide. The recommended schedule of payment is $700 to register before the course starts, and

$500 on February 1st
$500 on March 1st
$500 on April 1st
$500 on May 1st
$500 on June 1st

Select your payment option: