Chandradev Kaur / Crista Moulden

Chandradev Kaur (Crista Moulden)

Chandradev has always been drawn to healing and helping others in many areas of her life. She was drawn to Kundalini Yoga for the spiritual awakening, healing and physical awareness. After a few months of yoga classes, she was drawn to enroll in teacher training. While in teacher training learning the teachings of Kundalini Yoga she was captivated by how well this technology was helping her and how greatly it would benefit her son as well as others.

Her Dharmic path has led her to teach yoga to children along with their families. She also has a strong desire to teach yoga to people with special needs; especially children.

Chandradev’s classes are fun, energetic, upbeat and joyful for all ages with a modern spin on these ancient timeless teachings.

She has earned her International Teacher Training Level One Program (200 hrs.) in Kundalini Yoga. As well as certified in the Gong Yoga Practitioner Course. Currently she teaches Joyful Family Yoga and workshops here at Sage Hills.

Chandradev is married to husband, Cory. She is a Mother of two amazing children, a daughter and a son, two dogs and one cat. Her loves are; family, animals, nature, helping others, education and learning and everything metaphysical.

Chandradev Kaur means Divine Goddess of The Moon

Class Schedule at Sage Hills Healing Center.