12 and 12 Kundalini Yoga / Recovery Series (Sept 21st – Dec 7th)

September 28, 2022 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Mahanatma Kaur

Sat Nam! I’ve been practicing and teaching for over 10 years and I would love to share these teachings with you. Kundalini Yoga facilitates three facets, mind, body and soul. This technology was taught only to royalty in India and kept secret for thousands of years. Gives me the ability to remain calm, collective, graceful and happy through these challenging times. In this series we will be practicing kriyas, meditations, breath walk, celestial communication, praanyam-breath work and enjoy a nice relaxation with the gong. We will go over each step in recovery, journal and practice each step every week. I will also create a whatsapp group and we can check in daily after we have done our 90 day mediation breaking unhealthy habits-Habitual meditation. After class we can enjoy a treat and visit ❤

Where: West Jordan Utah 84084 (text or call for details)

When: September 21st to December 7th Wednesday evenings at 6pm

Cost: $208.00 payment plans are available.

Bring yoga mat, journal, water bottle, ware comfortable clothing, white preferably, for this expands the aura and automatically can uplift spirit. Space is limited so if your heart is called for this series please send me a text message 385-495-4431 and I’ll add you on this list. It is filling up already.

Love and Blessings ❤

Mahanatma Kaur