To anyone considering Level one Teacher Training with Khushbir and Guruprasad:

Kundalini Yoga teacher training is transformational to say the very least.  The study of the teachings feel true and right and will benefit your life in every aspect.  You will want to teach the world these amazing tools of awareness.  By the end of the training you feel ready to forge ahead in whatever goals you have because you will have started your meditative mind to conquer all your challenges.  This SLC training is what I took part in about 5 years ago with the sole intent to be a better Me.  The training enhanced my life beyond just Me but as a mother, wife, business owner, author and member of my religious community.  I continue to practice daily because the skills and tools I learned in teachers training are such an integral part of my soul now.  The lead trainers locally and those who fly in are teach the curriculum with such integrity to the vision of Yogi Bhajan.  It will benefit you and all those who you will influence in the future.  When the time is right for you—go for it!  Sat Nam.


I have been through a lot of different training’s for personal growth, over the years. The level 1 Teacher training was by far the best and most meaningful training I have ever experienced. It was both learning about, and experiencing a far deeper level of Kundalini Yoga than I could push myself to on my own. Everything was well thought out and useful. I felt very immersed in every hour of it, and didn’t want it to end. One of the many benefits of completing the training for me, is I feel a lot more grounded in my neutral mind than ever before. Definitely a training I would want to do more than once.

Shiva Gian Singh

When I went into Level 1 teacher training, I originally wanted the knowledge so I can practice on my own with confidence. A lot changed during the training. I was inspired by the change within myself & others in the training program. Then I knew I was meant to teach this to others as well. The training challenged me in the physical, mental realms. I came out a teacher to myself first and then to others. The experience of a daily sadhana in combination with the training helped me get through it all the way to the end. Weekly classes cannot compare to the full training of a level 1 program. There is so much covered that even once the training is over. The learning & integration continues well beyond. 

Many Blessings,
Raj Giandeep Singh

Kundalini yoga is the elixir that can bring forth truth like no other!! I can attest that it has literally changed by body, heart, mind & soul! Actually, IT SAVED MY LIFE!!

Sat Nam, Puran Ajeet Kaur, Graduate of level 1- 2016 – with Khushbir