Ajeetdev Kaur | Jennifer A. Giordano

Ajeetdev Kaur, or Jennifer Giordano has been a KRI instructor since 2014 and has trained in Santa Monica, under Harijiwan, Tej, Guru Jas, Guru Jagat from RaMa TV which are Russell Brand’s teachers.

She is known for her activating classes, AIRealini: aerial yoga fusion classes and her strong connection to Yogananda and the Guru’s of the Sikh lineage. She is initiated in the Hanmi Esoteric Buddhism lineage and refers to herself as a “Christian Modern Yogini”.

She is a fearless instructor and will help you to become fear free too, while helping you find the Guru in YOU!

After traveling to Punjab, Kashmir and Rishikesh in India for 5 months she built the 1st kundalini yoga studio in South SLC and then left in 2017 to California, again returning to Utah in 2018 to share the technology of AIRealini Yoga online and with locals here in Utah.

She is a teachers’ teacher.

Her classes include kundalini kriya, mantras, meditations and tantric energy healing techniques. You will learn to add power to your personalized practice. She does prescriptive yoga, designed for your specific chakra system imbalance.

The classes will be relatable to life, with fitness benefits and endocrine balancing focused on the Spine/CNS … people of any age or fitness level can practice with her!

Kundalini is called the yoga of awareness and is a true “householders” yoga. Her classes are guaranteed to activate the Peace Warrior within. Add a sprinkle of fun and playfulness.

She attributes her strength to her teachers: mom and everyone who ever triggered her!

Wahe Guru.