Matea Wilmarth Livnam Kaur

Livnam Kaur (Matea Wilmarth)

I attended my first Kundalini yoga class back in 2013 with Mandeep. She said to me: “ Your Soul has come here for an awakening.” I felt like it was true then and know that it is true now. About a year later I was guided to be a part of the Aquarian Teacher’s Training Level One course, and become a certified Kundalini yoga teacher. Coincidentally (but probably not, lol) I became pregnant with my second child and carried my son through the entire Teaches Training experience! Three months after I completed the course I gave birth to my son in the peace and quiet of my home. These were two very transformative events in my life. Now I am ready to share my knowledge and blessings with you. I believe and have experienced that Kundalini yoga has refined me to be a stronger person and more of who I really am. I love Mandeep, I love the Sage Hills Healing Center and I love the connection with God and the Infinite Universe that the teachings of Kundalini yoga creates a clear awareness of within me. It is my hope and privilege to share these blessings with you as a Kundalini yoga teacher. Peace, love, and blessings to all.

Sat Nam, Livnam.

Livnam Kaur means One Pointed Devotion to God

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